Lynn Marie Kirby
The spirit of painting with various moving image media is exemplified by Lynn Marie Kirby's Lenten Light Conversions, film/video hybrids that begin as cameraless films. Kirby makes "site specific" works without a camera, exposing the film stock to the available light in a particular place. For this series, Kirby captured the light in San Francisco's St. Ignatius Church over the forty days of Lent. She then took the colorfield-like originals and edited them digitally. Kirby segments and recrops the frames, composing hard-edged landscapes of vibrant color that still carry elements of grain and surface detail that speak to their analog origins. The work's recording of a holy place and spiritual theme connect Kirby's vibrant abstract moving images to the practice of painting religious icons, and evokes the scintillating light play of stained glass. The film thus combines representation with abstraction in a fascinating way, so that it acts both as a depiction of, and revisitation to, a physical place.

Sample Media:

Huntington Gardens/Native Flora Exposure (2004)