Alexander Laszlo
The first avant-garde multimedia program was Oskar Fischinger's collaboration with composer Alexander Laszlo on Color-Light-Music, a visual music extravaganza that toured throughout Germany in 1925 and 1926. Fischinger projected hand-colored films to Laszlo's compositions. Max Butting, who had prepared the musical score that was performed with Walther Ruttmann's Opus I (1921), dismissed the project, saying, "I saw no progression in Lazlo's works. They are a marriage between romantic day-dreaming and romantic science. I find Hirschfeld [-Mack]'s work at the Bauhaus much purer and more impressive, although or because they are of a more primitive conception." Lazlo went on to compose scores for Hollywood films.

Sample Media:

Matthias Holl, Ein Farblichtkonzert von Alexander Laszlo (1925)